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Who We Are

Crispy Clean Soles brings over 30 years of world class premium sneaker cleaning and restoration experience. We provide the highest quality service to our customers by using organic cleaning solutions that do not harm the environment and by paying attention to the smallest detail to make sure they have an amazing experience. By offering the highest quality and experience it has helped us grow to the best and most well known sneaker cleaning and restoration business.


Schedule a Pick UP
Direct Ship 
To Us 


Schedule a pick up of your shoes(South Florida Only)

Print a prepaid (by us) Shipping Label and ship directly to us.

Hand Cleaning

Detailed oriented hand sneaker cleaning and restoration with our organic cleaning products.


Once your cleaning and restoration service is complete. Will will ship your sneakers back to you. Please allow up to 7 days for cleaning and delivery.

*Due to COVID-19 supply and labor shortage there might be delays in delivery. We appreciate your patience.

Contact Us


Miami, FL

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm
​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

What Is The Process

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